Dry dock

Thanks to its size, its schedule availability and the professionalism of its harbour staff, Burriananova.

Drinking water supply

All mooring points at Marina Burriananova have individual drinking water supplies, which are free of charge and available at any time to users.

Electrical outlet

All mooring points have an electrical power supply with meter availability, either 220V or 380V (16-amp, 32-amp, 12-amp) depending on the length of the boat.

Waste collection

Marina Burriananova is committed to caring for its surroundings. Therefore, it provides its users with a waste collection area, all the materials needed to collect sewage, as well as pressurised water guns, cradles or green containers, among other things.

Deck wash-down

In order to keep boats in perfect condition, even when owners are away, the Marina offers users a regular deck wash-down service.

Changing rooms

The marina has a laundry service and large, fully equipped changing rooms that are separated from the mooring area so that you can enjoy a well-deserved break in complete privacy.

Laundry Service

The marina has a laundry service, which can be extended with a more personalised and complete external service.

Storeroom rental

Marina Burriananova facilitates the storage and safekeeping of belongings at their facilities, providing users with storerooms for hire.

3 boat maintenance and repair workshops

Looking after boats is one of the priorities of Marina Burriananova. Therefore, the port has boat maintenance and repair workshops that guarantee their perfect condition without needing to leave the marina.

Marketing of your mooring

Marina Burriananova makes the life of its users easier, taking care of the entire marketing process necessary to rent or sell their mooring if they wish.

Fuelling station

Taxi service





Leisure and Restaurant facilities

Marina Burriananova offers special discounts for charter and boating companies, and other companies of the sector, from mooring rental to boatyard services.

Bars and Restaurants

Marina Burriananova has a rich and varied leisure offering for all the public: restaurants, terraces, nautical shops, lounges, etc., which provide users and visitors with many options for enjoying a day without leaving the port area.

Lounge Bar

Leisure comes to the Marina, where you can enjoy an unforgettable evening with the best music and entertainment overlooking the sea.


The Marina offers a wide range of services to users and their boats, with different businesses for managing boat maintenance and buying and selling boats, both new and second hand.

Marina Burriananova

Escollera de Poniente s/n. Next to the shopping center

12530 Burriana (CASTELLÓN)

Radio: (VHF canales 9)

Latitude and longitude:

  • Latitude: 39º 51′ 2″ N
  • Longitude: 00º 04′ 1″ W